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Township Life, Apartheid Days

The tour with Rea Vaya to Soweto starts in the inner city of Johannesburg, allowing you a further glimpse into this fascinating, and truly African city.

If you are travelling into town with your own car, park your vehicle in the parking garage under Beyers Naude Square (the old Library Gardens) in President Street. The street is a one-way going in an easterly direction so you should approach from Simmonds Street with the parking entrance on the right hand side immediately as you turn into President Street.

Hector Pieterson Museum

Make your way through Beyers Naude Square, walking south towards Commissioner Street to catch the bus at the Library Gardens Westbound Station. The ticket for your Soweto sightseeing trip costs R9,50 one way. It is a good idea to buy your return ticket at this time too, so the total cost of the sightseeing trip is only R20 return.

As you will be travelling on the main trunk route (T1) you should wait no longer than five minutes for the bus. The trunk route is very popular and you will always find some friendly Soweto locals happy to talk to you. And at no point will you feel lost or confused, as station marshals and bus drivers alike are quick to point you in the right direction, with a standard question being: "Where do you want to go?"

Your first stop will be Kliptown and the Walter Sisulu Square of Dedication.

Once in the bus you will notice that it quickly leaves the city, travelling in a southwesterly direction towards Soweto – an acronym for South Western Townships because of its location in relation to Johannesburg. You will see one of the industrial areas of Johannesburg, Booysens, remnants of old gold mine dumps and the City's biggest landfill, Robertson Deep – a massive brown hill of rubbish – all on your left.

Within 15 minutes the spectacular 90 000-seat Soccer City stadium will loom up in front and you will get a spectacular view of the calabash-shaped structure, so designed to represent one of the important vessels in traditional African culture: the calabash is used for storing beer, water or food.

Entering Soweto through Diepkloof, you will have plenty of opportunity to see the township in action from your bus window, watching little children playing football matches on scraps of lawns; a roadside vendor selling hubcaps and car lights, inadvertently turning the tree used for this purpose into a Christmas tree of sorts; and lots of pedestrians on the road, all purposefully walking in different directions.

You will also pass the newly refurbished Orlando Stadium on your right, the traditional home of soccer in Soweto and the home grounds of Orlando Pirates, the longest surviving black team in the country.

You will disembark at Lakeview Station – the second last station after your departure point in the inner city – to catch the feeder bus route to Kliptown (F5).The bus will drop you off at the entry to the big traffic circle directly in front of the square in Klipspruitvalley Road.


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