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Hector Pieterson Museum

Next up is the Hector Pieterson Museum in Kumalo South Street, just a short walk from Vilakazi Street. The museum was opened in 2002 to remember the 566 people who died in unrest around the country in 1976, among them the young Hector Pieterson.

Hector Pieterson Museum

One room is devoted entirely to 16 June, the first day of the schoolchildren's protest, and includes the social context of Soweto, the political climate of the time, the language issue, and the reaction: the national and international solidarity in the form of marches and gatherings.

Walk up Vilakazi Street until you reach Moema Street, with the direction to the museum clearly signposted. A number of information plaques have been put up along the way, which make for fascinating reading into the state of affairs at the time of the student uprising. Take the time to read these, especially if you don't plan to pay a visit to the actual museum.

The museum is located in Kumalo South Street just two blocks away from where Hector was believed to have been shot and fell on the corner of Moema and Vilakazi streets. This fact has since been disproved, but a plaque and wall has been erected here to commemorate the shooting.

While the life and times of the dead is effectively recorded and brought to visitors to great effect, the same cannot be said of the needs of the living, with the availability of public ablutions sorely lacking both in Vilakazi Street and Hector Pieterson Museum. There are two toilets on Hector Pieterson square, one male, one female, but neither are in good condition.

Once your tour of the square is complete, retrace your steps to the Rea Vaya pick-up point in Vilakazi Street for your trip back to Boomtown Station and your return trip to the inner city. You will see the Rea Vaya bus stop signs along the road in this street, indicated by a sign with a blue bus and the letters Rea Vaya.  Disembark at Boomtown Station and take the trunk route bus (T1) back to the inner city.  Trunk route buses go all the way to Ellispark.


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