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Main Street, a place of beauty

After your break, and if you still feel up to it, this would be a good time to take a quick stroll down Main Street Mall. Walk in a southerly direction down Harrison Street until you reach Main Street. Completely overhauled in 2004, this pedestrian walkway is a delight and a must see for visitors if only to challenge some of the stereotypical views of the inner city as a dangerous, no-go zone. It is filled with a profusion of coffee shops and eateries and with a number of mining houses located in this area, has been given a distinct mining look.


Ghandi Square

Mining artefacts, including an old mine shaft and coco pans, dot the eight blocks that have been refurbished, while information plaques put up along the way provide an insight into the history of the area and other interesting facts. But above all it is a place of beauty, with water features, trees and sculptures all delighting, among them the restored Impala Stampede, an impressive arch of 17 jumping impalas created by Herman Wald.


The pedestrian mall stretches from the Magistrate's Court in Ntemi Piliso Street to the western edge of Gandhi Square. The square itself is something to behold as it too, had a major refurbishment in 2001. This square is immaculate at all times, and the central point for Joburg Metrobus with over 25 000 people travelling through here every month. It is safe and offers various eateries.


But, remaining in Main Street for a while, an excellent choice for something a little bit more extravagant is Twist restaurant in the Mapungubwe Hotel in Marshall Street, named after the kingdom of Mapungubwe in the northern Limpopo Province of South Africa – a world heritage site. The hotel is the only four-star hotel in the inner city and also offers a delightful pub, located in what was once the bank vault for the Bank of France, with safety deposit boxes still intact.

Ghandi Square


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