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Joburg's High Court


You can also take a short diversion to the High Court in Pritchard Street. It is a relatively easy walk of six blocks from Main Street walking in a northerly direction up Eloff Street until you reach Pritchard Street. Look to your left and you will see the majestic green dome and sandstone structure of the court.

Another of Joburg's buildings dating back to the early years of the 19th century, the High Court was erected in 1911 on a piece of land much used by the early inhabitants of the city. At one time, the town square housed a Dutch Reformed church, a school and was a favourite gathering place for local farmers. This building contains some unique features, such as its stained glass window and coat-of-arms, while the floor is embedded with brass strips providing the accurate standard measurement of 100 Cape feet.

On the westerly corner of this building stands the statue of Carl von Brandis, Joburg's first magistrate and mining commissioner.

Joburg's High Court


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