What to expect at our stations.

Date: 2017/05/10 / Author: ReaVaya Admin / Category: Front-Upperbox


We live in a century that is dominated by the demand of technology, the technology is constantly changing. With people wanting to stay connected on the tips of their fingers, this is a commonly known fact that technology has led us to being dependant on our phones with quick, easy and sometimes affordable internet connections.

With the raising prices of data, purchasing it isn’t always an easy task for everyone, it has sadly become an expensive necessity. With all these factors in mind it was fitting with the construction of the Rea Vaya stations to include free WI-FI.

Commuters can enjoy free uncapped WI-FI at selected stations these are some of the stations, Thokoza Park, Lakeview, Klipspruit Valley,Boomertown, Orlando Police Station, Orlando Staduim, Noordgesig, Ghostown, Ellis Park, where they can stay connected to their families and friends whilst waiting for the bus.

Also at the entrance of every station, customers can enjoy beautiful displayed artwork, show-cased by talented local artists. We are committed to making the lives of our customers more convenient.


What to expect at our stations.
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