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The Heartbeat of the City

Date: 2019/04/15 / Author: ReaVaya Admin / Category: Latest News

Johannesburg is the capital of South Africa’s most prosperous and richest province, Gauteng (a Sesotho name meaning ‘Place of Gold’). Due to Joburg’s attraction both in terms of opportunity and socio-economic growth, it is not only the most densely populated city in SA with a population of 5,04 million (SA slightly over 56 million) but also has the highest number of economically active people.

Rea Vaya as a public transport system aims at bridging the gaps between the have's and have nots by providing an affordable transportation into the inner City and areas of work. Our BRT system seeks to address the after effects of the past by implementing programmes to bring the City closer. By ensuring that people are able to get to economic opportunities and services. So people can live, work, and play in a cost effective and efficient way.

As Rea Vaya we transport you to your desired destination because we understand that mobility is essential for the economic growth of the country we live in. That is why we provide a reliable transportation system.

The City is determined in maintaining top bring a system that is sustainable and pro poor that will continue to bring public transport that is safe, affordable and reliable to the people.


The Heartbeat of the City
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