Travelling guidelines

Date: 2019/04/30 / Author: ReaVaya Admin / Category: Latest News

Thank you for observing the following guidelines and protocol on our buses and at our stations:


·         No smoking

·         No drinking, eating or chewing gum

·         Throw gum and litter in the waste bins provided

·         Wear headphones when playing music

·         Do not disturb other passengers by playing music audibly or talking loudly

·         Give up your seat for a frail or elderly passenger, or a pregnant woman, especially if you are sitting in the special red seats in the bus

·         Guide dogs are welcome on the service. Domestic pets, which are not assistive animals, are permitted on Rea Vaya buses provided that they are in a travelling container from which they cannot escape and potentially cause injury, inconvenience or discomfort for fellow passengers.

Co-operate with Rea Vaya staff and be patient when necessary


Travelling guidelines
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